Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mini Steak Sandwiches

Simple, delicious and everyone loves them. Mini steak sliders.

Tab - this is another one for you and the boys, I used round steak, sliced thin and it was perfect for the little sandwiches.

Mini Steak Sandwiches:
(makes 12 small sandwiches)

1.25-1.5 lb thin-sliced round steak
12 small rolls
Leaf lettuce (or preferred green)
Grated horseradish

Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
Chili powder
Brown sugar

Heat grill or broiler. Mix last 8 ingredients in a small bowl (eyeball amounts to taste) and pour over steak in a shallow dish. Marinate for 20 minutes or so, turning often, while the grill/oven heats and all other ingredients are prepped.

Slice rolls in half, spread with mayo/horseradish mixture (to taste) and prep lettuce to a size appropriate for rolls.

Grill or broil steak, 2 minutes per side or so, CAREFUL not to overcook or it will become tough. Let stand at room temperature for 5 minutes and then slice thin, across the grain. Layer with lettuce on rolls and serve.


Patricia Scarpin said...

Kirsten, this is a serious sandwich!!

I think it looks delicious and it would work wonderfully at the beach house, with the boys (my husband, my father and my brother). :)

Lis said...

Both of your steak posts have left me drooling! Loving the marinade recipes.. thanks =))


Anonymous said...

Another recipe my husband would love! These look great...I want one for lunch now!

Kirsten said...

Hi Patricia, Lis and Kristen - I know it was sort-of red meat week, but it is guy-friendly. :)

Thanks for your comments!!!


Peabody said...

This must be cow week.

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