Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Classic Margarita, Improved

Tequila is everywhere. Every magazine, newspaper and Web site in Phoenix is primed and ready for Cinco de Mayo with images of frosty margaritas. During tourism season in the Phoenix area, I would wager we serve enough margaritas to turn the locals off for the rest of the year.

Even Gourmet magazine got into it with their article on premium 100% agave tequilas by James Rodewald in the April issue, emphasizing that a combination of a huge crop of agave plants in Mexico, combined with renewed interest in the highest quality spirit that goes down smooth - nothing like the grimace-causing tequila shots from college.

So, when just I am noticing tequila everywhere, I received an email from Partida tequila featuring information on their 100% agave tequila and 100% agave nectar margaritas.

I have had some premium tequilas, but I have never had agave syrup and Partida's margarita recipe sang praises of lower calories, better flavor, no additives or dyes or other unnatural fillers. Margaritas made with mixes are usually filled with corn syrup, chemical dyes and who knows what else, and even purist margaritas with orange liqueur can be very sweet, so I was sold - I had to try it.

My review? This really is a classic margarita, but better. Sweet but not too sweet, with just enough tang and flavor from the tequila. My best friend swears it just may be the best margarita she has ever had.

Even if you can't find Partida brand or you have another favorite, do source out 100% agave tequila and agave nectar (try Whole Foods)- because this margarita rocks.

I'm off to Mexico for the weekend - you can bet I'll be drinking a few of these. This is the view from the patio of where I'll be staying:

Classic Margarita - recipe courtesy of Partida:
(makes 1 cocktail)

1.5 oz 100% agave tequila
1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
3/4 oz 100% agave nectar
3/4 oz water

Shake over ice in a cocktail shaker, strain and pour over fresh ice. Add additional lime juice for more tartness if needed, or agave nectar for more sweetness if needed. No garnish needed, no salt needed.


Kristen said...

I plan on drinking plenty of margaritas this weekend. Those look tasty!
Have a great time in Mexico! You make me jealous of the times before kids with all your great traveling that you do.

Melanie said...

I did say that it might be the best margarita I've ever had...and I take it back - it's DEFINITELY the best marg I've ever had. :) Looking forward to drinking my share this weekend in Mexico! xoxo

Lis said...

Wow that looks sooo good! And I'm happy to see that you don't freeze your margaritas!

Hope you are having a great weekend in Mexico!


Kirsten said...

Hi Kristen! So glad to see on your blog that you drank those margaritas - Mexico or no! I thought of you in Mexico - my girlfriends and I were talking about having kids (or not) and I thought of your sweet family. :)

Yay Mel!!! That was SUCH a fun weekend. Love you!!

Lis, hi! You must try this margarita's really really good. And nope - no frozen for me. :)

Patricia Scarpin said...

I've never had margaritas but the fact that I love caipirinhas makes me believe I can get addicted to this... :)

Kirsten said...

Oh yes Patricia - if you like tequila, I think you'll love margaritas! :)