Monday, June 18, 2007

Chasseur Chicken - Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

Chasseur Chicken is a culinary school classic and is also a creative and delicious thing to do with the chicken breasts that currently live in most of our freezers.

Traditionally bone-in chicken or even whole chickens could be used, but chicken breast is easy and cooks quickly. For those who find chicken breast boring or dry, any kind of chicken can be used. :)

The chasseur sauce is a sauce with mushrooms, white wine and shallots and finished with tarragon and parsley. It's a French culinary standard, referenced by many sources from Escoffier to the Food Network.

Here are a few versions from trusted sources:
Cook's Illustrated
Food Network (Bobby Flay from Boy Meets Grill)
Another one from Food Network from the The French Culinary Institutes's Salute to Healthy Cooking

I doubt I am the only one who feels like something new to do with chicken is always a good thing. Slightly unphotogenic but quite tasty, I served this with sauteed broccolini seasoned simply with salt and pepper and my classic roasted potato recipe.

Chasseur Chicken (Chicken with Mushroom Sauce):
(serves 4)

4 large chicken breasts, or 4 portions chicken
8 oz mushrooms, sliced thin
1 large shallot, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 medium tomatoes, seeded and chopped (remove skins by blanching ahead of time if you can)
1/4 c brandy
1/2 c dry white wine
2 tbs fresh tarragon, chopped
2 tbs fresh parsley, chopped
Olive oil for sauteing
Flour for dusting chicken breasts
Salt and pepper to taste

Mise en place (everything in it's place, prepped) makes this recipe a breeze.

Dust chicken on all sides with seasoned flour (salt and pepper). Heat olive oil in a saute pan and brown chicken on all sides. Place in 350 degree oven to cook through.

In the same skillet, saute shallots until softened, then add mushrooms. You may need more oil here, add more if needed. Then add garlic and tomatoes. Salt and pepper as you go along, as needed.

Add brandy and deglaze pan. Once pan is almost dry, add wine and simmer until reduced. Once chicken is almost done (about 10 minutes total in oven), add herbs to sauce and adjust final seasonings and reduce to desired consistency. Serve over chicken.


Melanie said...

Oh yay - I love Chicken Chasseur and it's one that I always forget about when I have chicken that needs to be cooked. Yum!

Christy said...

My mouth is watering! I have never had this, but am dying to try and make it for dinner. Silly question but is the brandy necessary, as that will require a special trip otherwise?

Kirsten said...

Thanks Melanie!! New chicken ideas are always good, right? Thanks...xoxo

Christy - I hope my comment isn't too late or you already figured it out...the brandy is NOT neccessary, more wine will do, or some chicken broth will work too - just a nice flavorful liquid that will reduce nicely. :)

Janet said...

Looks Delish!! I've never had this. Did you leave the skin on the chicken?

Patricia Scarpin said...

I love recipes with chicken, Kirsten, and this is a keeper! Looks so delicious!

Lis said...

Your chicken looks delish! I love all the mushrooms too.. yum! I've never heard of this so I look forward to trying as you are right - new chicken recipes are ALWAYS welcome! =)


Kirsten said...

Thanks Janet! - no, they were boneless, skinless, although you could leave the skin on.

I lightly floured the breasts and so they got a nice "skin" when sauteed, but no actual skin.

Thanks Patricia and Lis!! :)

Nicole said...

This looks fabulous! This might need to be an upcoming meal at our house. Yum!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you make the most fantastic food! You mentioned French cooking classes. Do you cook professionally or do you work in the culinary field?

BTW, we had the Smoking Loon Viognier the other night. Thanks for letting me know where to finally find it. You can't beat the price. :)


Kristen said...

OK - when is that boyfriend of yours going to propose? You make him the most amazing meals... I'm sure he is weak in the knees with this one. Yummy indeed :)

Kirsten said...

Thanks Nicole! :)

Hi Maureen - so glad the viognier was good for you too, indeed the price is GREAT.

Thank you for the kind words about my food! I have completed several classes in the culinary arts program at a local community college (Phoenix College if you happen to live in AZ and are familiar with it), spent many a late night working front-of-house to pay my way through college and I read every food/cooking magazine, book or other writing I can get my hands on, and I am a freelance writer for anyone willing to have me...but I'm not really a culinary professional. Just a very passionate cook. :)

Kirsten said...

Kristen - you are TOO sweet. Hopefully with each meal he grows warmer toward jewelry shopping.

I will admit I think he liked this meal. :)

Kelly-Jane said...

I'm coping the recipe! Looks lovely, I do like to try different things, but I always come back to chicken!

Kirsten said...

Hi Kelly-Jane,

Copy away!! Enjoy! :)

Peter M said...

Hi, 1st time visitor to your site...looks, tastes great! This recipe looks similar to a coq au vin...another standard.

Chris said...

Hey, this looks very similar to something we made recently: