Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Energy Bars

Wow, Kirsten baked something?!!?? Well...sort-of.

The nice people over at Matisse and Jack's sent me a sample of their TrailBlaze Bake-At-Home Oatmeal Energy bar mix and surprising me a bit, the finished product was great!

I love the idea of a healthier, more environmentally sensitive snack bar/breakfast bar/energy bar, but sometimes those sorts of products taste so awful they aren't worth the trouble. Not these!

Literally easier than instant brownies, I made these in minutes. I liked them enough that I ate a half of a bar with a glass of wine while reading in bed. Only the elite snacks earn that spot, so I can confidently say that if you live in Northern California or British Columbia, grab a box at the store and give these a try - or if you live anywhere else, buy a box online.

There are several ways to make them (different wet ingredients), but below is my recipe.

Anyone know of any good not-from-a-mix bar recipes? I have been wanting to try make a granola bar at home, so please post a comment or send a link if you know of one!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Energy Bars:
(makes 9-12 bars, depending on how you cut em)

1 box Matisse and Jacks Trailblaze Bake-at-Home Oatmeal Energy bar mix (I tried chocolate chip)
2/3 c unsweetened applesauce
1/2 c 2% Greek yogurt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 c crushed high-quality 70% or more cacao dark chocolate (or choc chips)

Mix all ingredients except chocolate. Spread into a lightly greased 8 x 8 baking pan. Sprinkle chocolate pieces over top. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. Let cool, cut and serve (or store for eating later on-the-go).


Anh said...

This looks sooo good! I would love it for snacking.

Peabody said...

My God, you baked!
I will have to look for these since I am so close to B.C.

Janet said...

These look really great! Are they still healthy, if you eat the whole lot in one sitting??

Mo said...

Even my limited baking capabilities could master this. I'm going to order some now. I have some type of granola bar/protein energy bar every morning to fend of the mid morning hungries. These are probably much healthier than the full of sugar, aka glorified candy bars that I currently eat.

Deborah said...

These do look really great. Most energy bars that I've tried taste horrible, so I might just have to order some of this online...

Patricia Scarpin said...

They look really good, Kirsten!

Carrie said...

They look yummy! I'm going to have to try them.

Alton Brown does good granola bars on Good Eats

and Smitten Kitchen has yummy granola

Nora B. said...

Hi Kirsten, your recipe looks great. I 'd be tempted to order the mix on-line if I lived closer. I still haven't found a healthy bar recipe that tastes good and is not high in fat. Most that I've looked at uses a lot of butter.

p/s: I'm handing over an award to you. :-) More details on my blog.

Kirsten said...

Hi Anh - they turned out great.

Ha - Peabody, I know, I knew it would shock everyone. The mix is really quite good and easy. The result was almost like a less sweet oatmeal cookie. I can recommend it. :)

Ha - Janet - too funny, I was thinking the same thing. Not health food if I eat too many or add to much chocolate (the best part).

Mo - definitely try these - you CANNOT screw up and they are so yummy and healthy compared to pre-packaged bars. I am totally convinced - but do try the Cranberry-Walnut flavor if you want to take them in the hot car in AZ to avoid melting issues. :)

Thanks Deborah and Patricia.

Carrie - thanks for the link!!

Nora - totally understand re: shipping that far. I was so excited to hear about this company, hopefully they'll expand or a company will start up nearer to you. I'll check out the award - thx! :)

Kelly-Jane said...

They look so much up my street, and well done for baking :)

Aroma said...

such a yummy combination, these look and sound marvelous!