Saturday, July 01, 2006

Grilled Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Curry Aioli

These are grilled, so I guess they can't technically be called "fries" but they are just as good. Serve with ketchup and garlic-curry aioli for dipping (recipe for aioli below).

Grilled Sweet Potato Fries:
2 lbs sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced into long thin wedges
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (or as needed)
2 tbs light brown sugar
1 tbs dried thyme and rosemary, chopped
Dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
Cayenne pepper to taste
Sea salt or course salt to taste
Fresh ground black pepper

Toss all ingredients with peeled, sliced sweet potatoes. Start with half the oil and add more if needed making sure all potato sticks are coated enough to not burn and crisp up, but none are greasy.

Grill on medium high heat for approximately 5 minutes per side or until browned with grill marks and appear done.

Serve with ketchup and aioli.

Garlic Curry Aioli:
1/4 cup light mayo or miracle whip
2 small (or 1 large) garlic clove, mashed to a paste with salt, or use garlic powder
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Dash of black pepper
1 tsp curry power, or more to taste
1 dash cayenne pepper
Sea salt to taste

If using fresh garlic, mash garlic into a fine paste with the side of a knife on a cutting board, using salt as an abrasive. Mix all ingredients together, serve with fries.


Mary said...

Am I allowed to comment almost two years after the post?? This is a great recipe. I didn't put the potatoes directly on the grill, but cooked them in a pan instead. They were so good I'm going to make a batch this weekend to take to feed fellow beer drinkers at a home-brewing competition.

adam said...

I'm going to use the grill. I like the thin and quick idea.

MPHinProgress said...

hi! i was looking for a grilled sweet potato fry recipe and your blog was the first entry that came up. Sounds delicious- I'm going to try them right now......AND after perusing your blog I saw your pic and you seem familiar.....THEN I saw you are from Chicago....were you ever friends with Erin Snell? I swear we met at her ex-boyfriend Dan's condo in Bucktown....I could be totally wrong here, but if so, what a small world!

LadyJayPee said...

I made your Garlic Curry Aioli and loved it with baked sweet potato fries. Thank you for posting it!

Christopher said...

Sweet potato fries have become a favorite recently (Phoenix has a number of excellent options).

I usually cook mine with just cinnamon, paprika, sea salt and pepper. Here's another recipe for dipping sauce:

Honey-Lime Dip for Sweet Potato Fries

6oz container plain, low-fat yogurt
1 T mayo (low cal is fine)
1/2 T honey
1/2 lime
1/4 t cumin
1/8 t oregano
1 t parsley
1/2 t granulated onion
3/4 t kosher salt

Tom said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! I'm a big fan of grilled potatoes and wanted something a little different than our usual grilled sweet potatoes. I didn't do the aoli or sauces, but the fries came out great.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto this recipe and my dinner guests loved this!!! We had the dish as an appy, and it was a huge hit. The garlic curry aioli was amazing. Will definitely make this again! ~a.

Anonymous said...

BEST sweet potato fries I've EVER had! Will definitely be making these more often!!

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Looks delicious thanks for share.
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Anonymous said...

Love, Love Love this curry aioli! I used it on top of some black bean burgers too- with fresh avocado slices. THANK YOU!

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Monica said...

I made these for company last night. They were incredible! We all LOVED them!!!!!! I roasted the sweet potato fries in the oven b/c it was freezing outside. The curry aioli is to die for! Thank you so much for the recipe!! It ROCKS!!!!

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