Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little craft project...

I just found out I am hosting Thanksgiving (my first ever!) for my family last evening due to some last minute sad events, so I am busily piecing together a memorable looking and tasty feast - fast and on a budget.

After a breakdown in the grocery store produce section while buying cranberries, I have wiped away the tears and am excited to make the most of our family Thanksgiving feast. Grandma - we hope you are feeling like yourself very soon. It just isn't Thanksgiving without you.

I know this isn't a recipe per se, but it is a recipe for a low-budget fabulous table decor idea so it sort-of counts. I started my preparataions with the table, and now am moving on to food. I'll post the entire menu soon.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - what are you all serving for Thanksgiving? If you have a spare moment - share your menu by posting a comment to this post.

Festive Votive Candles:
Plain glass votives (about $1 at a craft store or less at IKEA)
Wide, satin ribbon (again, about $1 at a discount store)
Permanent double-stick tape or hot glue

Measure out and cut ribbons to length, tape or glue around votive. Enjoy!


peabody said...

Every year my hubby and I go to a 9 course meal with wine pairing so no T-day making for me.
Good luck, I think you table looks wonderful and I am sorry about your grandmother.

Kirsten said...

Oh Peabody - that sounds SO lovely, and better than any massive kitchen frenzy! Thank you for your sweet words and well wishes for my grandmother.