Sunday, February 04, 2007

Limequat, Lemonquat & Kumqat Margarita

A slightly different twist on a classic cocktail.

Limequat, Lemonquat & Kumqat Margarita:
(serves 4)

8-10 lime and lemon quats
8-10 kumquats
1/4 c sugar
8 oz premium tequila
Salt (if desired) for rim of glass

Slice quats (seed them), add sugar, muddle.

Add 2 c water, mix thoroughly and strain into glasses prepared with ice, tequila and garnish of salt and a slice of a quat.


Patricia Scarpin said...


This margarita would be wonderful in these 30ÂșC days we've been having here!

Kristen said...

I'll take mine on the rocks with salt, please!

Looks so good. How was your trip?

Kirsten said...

Hi Patricia!

I LOVE hot weather (obviously, since I live in Arizona). Margaritas are perfect for hot days!

Kristen - my trip was SO fun. I was completely impressed and surprised by the quality and charm of the wines, wineries and winemakers in Arizona.

peabody said...

That doesn't look like wine.
I have had AZ wine...I will stick to the ones that come out of the Pacific Northwest!

Kirsten said...

Hi Peabody!!

For the Super Bowl I thought margaritas was a better choice. :)

Ha! I have to agree. PacNW wines are much better. I will say, three small wineries are doing some good work in AZ (red wines mainly).

Callaghan, Rancho Rossa and Dos Cabezas - the first 2 being the best in my opinion.

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