Friday, April 27, 2007

Citrus Chill Cocktail

I have never been good at cocktail naming (they all sound so cheesy), but in honor of quitting time on a Friday, this is one for all the happy hours taking place around the world...I'll call it the Citrus Chill.

It's made with mandarin vodka and fresh-squeezed sweet red grapefruit juice. Delicious - and strong!

Citrus Chill Cocktail:
(makes as many as neeeded)

2 parts chilled mandarin vodka
4 parts fresh-squeezed sweet red grapefruit juice
Slice of orange for garnish (optional)

Shake over ice, strain and pour over fresh ice. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Delicious and strong... just what you need for happy hour!

Kirsten said...

I agree! :)

Perfect for happy hour!

Peabody said...

I needed about 80 of these last week.

Kirsten said...

YES Peabody!!! You needed a ripe grapefruit tree from Phx shipped your way, with a case of mandarin vodka. :)

Everything might have then been right, and springy, in the world!

janelle said...


I could use one right now! said...

There's no doubt, the guy is completely right.