Friday, October 26, 2007

Beach Drinks - Bloody Mary & Pina Colada

Today (sadly) marks the end of my beach vacation, but to end things on a proper note, here are two simple cocktail recipes perfect for the beach, a vacation or just any time.

Bloody Mary:
(makes 1)

Premium Vodka
Lots of crushed ice
Tomato Juice
Horseradish (use to taste, between 1 tsp and 1 tbs usually)
Worshestershire sauce (a dash, perhaps a tsp?)
Salt and Pepper
Hot sauce (if desired, I like it spicy personally)
Juice of 1 lime (or lemon)
Celery stalks, lime or lemon slices, olives, dill pickle slices or whatever you prefer for garnish

Mix tomato juice to taste with flavorings, adjust as needed.

Meanwhile, fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Add vodka, then pour in tomato mixture, stir and serve!

Basic Pina Colada:
(serves 1)

High quality light or dark rum
Crushed ice
Pineapple juice
Simple syrup (equal parts sugar & water heated until all melts into a syrup)
Coconut milk
Ground cinnamon for garnish, a slice of pineapple works too

Blend in a blender, adjust for taste and consistency, serve!


Kelly-Jane said...

I'll have a Pina Colada please! Although they both sound like lovely cooking drinks =)

Peabody said...

The pina favorite of the foofy drinks.

Unknown said...

Yum! I love Pina Colada's! I had one in Mexico last week and it was delicious. I'll have to try your recipe at home now.

Anonymous said...

Traveling again? I love your life Missy! I love Pina Colada's :)

Richard Mikulka said...

Just a thought - try the Bloody Mary with celery salt instead of regular salt and some garlic powder. Good stuff! said...

For my part every person should read it.